We are vitally interested in the health and safety of our client cause we chosen the safety way for our staff. Protection of employees and client is our responsibilities. We will make every effort to provide a save and a healthy environment to every one. We dedicate time and money to educate our staff to reduce the risk of being sick or injured during the job.

We take responsibility and supervise our staff in the practice of a safe and healthy environment.
We use Green product or detergent free chemicals witch is safe and friendly to human and pets.
All the equipment that we used is save for the job.

We practices the Health and safety with WHMIS procedures, every staff members must educate him self and practice the Health and Safety in the work place and should report all unsafe and unhealthy situation to there supervisors.

Health and Safety is the best interest of Human with there social work. we take part to have a healthy and safe community. Have City Clean.


Operation Manager