Once upon a time, things were different in cleaning. In the days before the chemical Revolution of the 20th century, our ancestors relied on naturally occurring material and substances to help them with the housework. These included things like pure vegetable soaps, grease-cutting vinegars, abrasives like calcium carbonate and baking soda, citrus oils to remove odors and grime, and essential oils of plants like birch and lavender to sanitize surfaces in the home.

Not only did these homemade concoctions work well in many circumstances, they had the additional advantages of being inexpensive to make and completely non-toxic to use.For these reasons we (A-Z City Clean) rediscovering the art and science safe and healthy cleaning products and creating much healthier home and offices in the process.

With these items in hand, we can make almost any kind of formula and clean almost anything, safe with out toxic.

The using of these green products will keep you and your  family your staff and your business safe and healthy from liver cancer, lymphoma, thyroid cancer, testicular cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, childhood cancers, asthma.  There is an excellent recipe full of resource for  green and hand cleaning 100 % non toxic.